Customize Miranda IM

Miranda IM Fundraising Drive 2014
Before you download, please considering making a donation to help support the Miranda IM open source project for our 2014 Fundraising Drive. Your support helps fund the hosting of the website and associated software needed for this open source project. We thank you for your support.

Miranda IM is a completely customizable client. Below you will find screenshots of many of the customizations that are possible. If you want to customize your Miranda IM to look like one these screenshots, check out the addons section or go to the forum and our community will assist you.

screenshot 1 screenshot 2 screenshot 3 screenshot 4
screenshot 5 screenshot 6 screenshot 7 screenshot 8
screenshot 9 screenshot 10 screenshot 11 screenshot 12
screenshot 19 screenshot 18 screenshot 17 screenshot 16
screenshot 15 screenshot 13 screenshot 28 screenshot 27
screenshot 26 screenshot 25 screenshot 24 screenshot 23
screenshot 21 screenshot 20