Privacy Policy

Miranda IM Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. This page describes the privacy policy applicable to the services using the Miranda IM domain ( ) as well as the Miranda IM software products (the software).

We do not record any personally identifiable information or information about the way you use the software without your prior, explicit consent.

Some services on the website allow you to register an account, requiring you to enter your name and your e-mail address in addition to a username of your choice upon account creation. All actions made using your account may be logged. Your account profile, as well as all texts and images posted using your account are publicly visible. Retention is potentially unlimited unless removal of your content is required by law.

The software may periodically and automatically contact the website to query the latest version of the software. For technical reasons, the software's version number, your operating system name and the processor architecture of your system are being submitted. This information may also be used for statistical purposes. This data is not being shared with any third party.