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Miranda IM 0.9.0 Alpha Build #10 Now Available

June 13, 2010 by ghazan

Note: Alpha releases are considered unstable and are for experienced Miranda IM testers only.

in this build:
- new option (Options -> Customize -> Menus) to move all protocol menus to the status bar. By default it’s turned off, so you have to check it manually to move Jabber menus back to the status bar;
- the ability was added to remove a profile from the profile manager;
- important fix: clist classic was not clickable inside another dialogs (Options/Ignore, MSN server list etc);
- numerous fixes for the core netlib module (fixes for IE proxy settings, support for proxies that perform 401 authentication request, support for the old style HTTP 1.0 servers);
- partial support for ICQ unicode status messages;
- aero menus in Vista W7;
- Freeimage updated to v 1.13.1
- new IRC 32×32 icons.

Note: Archive files require the use of a 7-zip compatible extractor.