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Miranda IM 0.8.0 Alpha Build #9 Now Available

February 08, 2008 by Miranda IM Team

Note: Alpha releases are considered unstable and are for experienced Miranda IM testers only.

Finally, after three weeks of intensive coding, we present the build #9. There’re two major changes in it:

1. The account management. Now the core supports the special kind of protocols which allow to create many accounts using the single DLL. Right now only Jabber protocol is written that way, hopefully all another kernel protos will follow it.

If you have the old accounts, created by copies of jabber.dll, you can upgrade them to a new model. Remove these copies of jabber.dll and create an account, which should have exactly the same module name your old dll had, in uppercase. I.e., if you had a jbr2.dll, you should create an account named JBR2. In future this procedure will be simplified.

2. Since build 9 all plugins without a UUID will be ignored by Miranda’s core. So, before upgrading to build 9, please revise your plugins: all of them without a Unique ID in Options -> Protocols will be lost. If these plugins are important, please wait until the addons site will be revived.

The general warning is: USE THIS BUILD WITH THE EXTREME CARE. Don’t delete the previous test build, #7 or #8. Make a database backup before running this build. Too many changes were introduced into the core, and it might be unstable (although we wanted to make it rock solid :)

– some fixes were made to the MSN protocol;
– Scriver was changed a bit.

[UPDATE] build was reuploaded because of the critical bug with the concurrent work of several Jabber accounts.