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Miranda IM v0.7.0 Preview Release #2 Now Available

August 17, 2007 by Miranda IM Team

Miranda IM v0.7.0 Preview Release #2 is now available. This preview release is meant for TESTING PURPOSES ONLY. Due to major changes in the database structure, it is HIGHLY recommended that you backup your database before installing. The preview release cycle is meant to address any outstanding issues before any final release to the public. Any feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated.

This release implements an entirely rewritten backend to improve internationalization support. It is therefore highly recommended to run DBTool and use the new “Convert old Unicode messages to UTF8? feature. Also note that some plugins are no longer compatible with this release and onwards and will not be loaded by the core. Please contact the author of these plugins requesting they be updated.

One major change in Preview Release #2 is that the Unicode build now defaults to use the mmap database driver. This driver is completely compatible with the db3x driver.

Note: Do not overwrite your mirandaboot.ini or irc_servers.ini files when upgrading over an existing installation.

Changes Since Preview Release #1

  • Compatibility update to icon loading on windows 95.
  • Fix possible crash in WriteContactSettings in dbx mmap.
  • Improved PR detection in ICQ.
  • Fix for occasional crash inside db3x/mmap on bad UTF8 strings
  • Patch for IRCG to use the default codepage + UTF8 autodetect instead of utf8 by default
  • Fix for non-breaking spaces in groupchats (bug 3467)
  • Unable to enter long JID and node in jabber service discovery
  • Problems connecting to MSN
  • Fix AIM away message retrieval
  • Dialog not displayed when changing chat.dll log directory
  • Bugs 2968 and 2988. File transfers not shown correctly in srmm log
  • Update plugin loader to not load old db3x and mmap (pre uuid)
  • Patch for /ignore in IRC
  • Bug #3482: Sending commands to server not working
  • Set max column widths for plugin options to prevent horizontal scrollbar
  • MSN popup timeout was always 1

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