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Miranda 0.6 RC1 is coming soon

November 12, 2006 by Miranda IM Team

The Miranda team is glad to present the intermediate version, 0.6, which is specially intended to provide the stable development platform for plugins developers, for a long time. After many stabilization fixes and changes, Miranda 0.6 provides now the following additional core services:

  • complete memory handling routines set (alloc, free, realloc, calloc, strdup, strdupw);
  • threading;
  • utf8 encoding and decoding support;
  • tabbed options;
  • uPNP support;
  • NAT-aware netlib engine with some important fixes.

To increase the quality of plugins, all plugin devs should use these function wherever possible, declaring 0.6 as the mininum compatibility level for their plugins.

The first release candidate (RC1) version should be presented in a week.

All features planned for 0.6 will be implemented in 0.7, so the next nightly build will be called instead of