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Miranda IM 0.5 Preview Release 3 Now Available

July 19, 2006 by Miranda IM Team

Miranda IM 0.5 Preview Release 3 is now available for download. The following changes were made since Preview Release 2:

  • Fixes an issue of “?” overwriting the fingerprint modules “SMS” (AIM)
  • Fixed bug in adding contacts to list by event contacts (ICQ)
  • Fixed updater registration (ICQ)
  • New installer using NSIS
  • Adding install option to use %APPDATA% for profile location (new installs only)
  • Installer now installs dbtool correctly
  • Installer now installs default aim invisible status icon

Known issues in this build:

  • ICQ is missing the new custom status icon pack dll so you will not be able to see custom status icons in this build

Before you download this release, please be aware of the following:

  1. This release has been tested and should not contain any major bugs, however we can make no promises. As always, please backup your profile and plugins before installing.
  2. We need users to test both the zip and the installer to verify that initial setup is working correctly. If you are upgrading from please let us know if the installer does not upgrade your installation correctly.
  3. It is very import that you report any bugs you find as soon as possible. The quicker we get reports of issues with this release, the quicker we can officially release a stable 0.5.

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