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Development Updates/Repository Changes Notice

June 05, 2006 by Miranda IM Team

We are in the process of final testing for the upcoming release and wanted to let everyone know of some of the changes that are occuring.

First, the Miranda IM v0.4.3 has been renamed to 0.5. The testing version was too confusing with the last stable release, v0.4.0.3. The plan is to make the next major release after v0.5 to be called v0.6 and so on.

Also note that if you are using subversion to get the latest updates, you will need to switch the branch you are using the stay up-to-date with v0.5. The new location of the branch is at:


The current trunk will be used for future 0.6 development. However, it is not to be considered stable and for general use. If you wish to work with the latest code for the upcoming release, please use the new 0_5_x branch.

On a personal note I have moved my dbRW project to a new location and have restarted its development.