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Build #44 released

January 05, 2006 by ghazan

Build #44 is released. It contains important fixes for clist_nicer_plus:

  • gdiplus.dll is now linked dynamically, it should cure all problems with loading nicer+ under Win2k and Win9x;
  • transparency fixed;
  • tray menu tooltips fixed;
  • nicer+ interference with the StartupStatus plugin fixed;
  • GPF on exit fixed.

Also there’re numerous fixes for IcqOscarJ, and a fix for error 800 for the MSN plugin.

The non-Unicode build can be downloaded here, and the Unicode build – here. The changelog can be loaded here.

Since that build the debug symbol (PDB) files will be uploaded to allow testers to obtain more informative crash reports. If you have no problems, you don’t need these files. Symbols should be unpacked in the directory where Miranda32.exe is located. PDBs for the non-Unicode build can be downloaded here, for the Unicode build – here