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Build #33 is released

October 07, 2005 by ghazan

The fresh nightly build was compiled today. It includes fixes for YAHOO, CHAT3, Jabber & IcqOscarJ, and, what is much more important, in includes the first PURE UNICODE distributive of Miranda. It includes the Unicode core (Miranda32.exe), Clist Classic Unicode, SRMM Unicode, CHAT Unicode, History Viewer Unicode. It allows a user not to search for these plugins here & there. Also it allows the language packs to work with the Unicode, to view your native words on a machine with the different default codepage. Attention: Unicode build WON’T WORK under Win9x, including WinME. Probably it won’t even start under 9x. Also please take care installing this build: it’s the first official release of the Unicode core, and it may contain bugs.

You can download the normal build here, and the Unicode build – here